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Mmmm… bacon.

Friday, February 29th, 2008

Behold…. the bacon cup.

Bacon Cup

Go to this link for instructions on how to make it.

Deducting AV equipment.

Friday, February 29th, 2008

Here is a great article for those of you in the entertainment industry on how to deduct AV equipment on your income tax returns.

Sound and Vision Magazine.

UItimate Bed

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

I want this too.

The Ultimate AV Setup.

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

Do want….

Did you remember to flush?

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

For as long as I can remember I’ve had sinus problems. Moving to Singapore has only made it worse. The problem with Singapore is the pollution compounded with the “haze” factor. Haze is a measure of the particulate matter in the air here. Haze is really bad during hot spells with out rain. This is because the surrounding countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand have random forest fires due to excessive heat and rain forest clearing. The smoke travels through the air and makes the smog in LA seem clean by comparison.

But, thanks to a recommendation by my friend Jessie. I purchased a Neti Pot. I must say, this has transformed my life. I was coughing a lot due to post nasal drip. I attribute it to the Haze and pollution clogging my sinuses. But now, when I feel a cough bought coming on, I use the Neti Pot and I’m good to go. It’s quite amazing.

So, what is a Neti Pot? It’s basically a little teapot shaped device that you fill with a salt/saline solution and flush out your sinuses. You fill it up, and cram it into one nostril. Then the water goes into one nostril and out the other. You do this while breathing out of your mouth. It feels like going for a swim. Do you know that feeling that you get when you rise to the surface of a pool and your snot is dripping out of your nose? That’s exactly what this thing does. It fills your sinus cavities and flushes out all the crap that has accumulated inside all day long.

This is especially effective when you’re sick with a virus. Because, some viruses tell the cilia in your sinuses to stop working. That’s why you get so congested when you’re sick.

Now the first couple of times you use it, it will sting. This is because you are not used to the salt solution. But after a few days, you won’t notice it anymore. Kind of like when you use Listerine or mouthwash the first time.

I bought one on ebay by a manufacturer called Sinucleanse.
Here is their website.
Here’s a video of it in action.


Friday, February 22nd, 2008

Here is an inspirational post I found on the web.
ZenHabits – Punk Rock Your Life: The Simple Six-Letter Word that Determines Success.

Gali the Alligator

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

The follow clip requires a sense of humor and is meant for the same kids who can go to watch Ave. Q.


Sunday, February 17th, 2008

I love hate the humidity here.

I have eczema. Its a common skin condition, where by my skin gets dry easily and itches and cracks is generally pretty uncomfortable. I was able to manage when I lived in SF and LA. Since they were both relatively close to the ocean. As long as I didn’t take too many showers and used moisturizers, I was usually pretty good.

But, when I went to visit my parents in San Jose or went to Vegas or any other area where it was extremely dry. I was quite miserable.

Fast forward to now. In Singapore, the humidity here is off the charts. It’s not uncommon for days of 100% humidity. No… that doesn’t mean it’s raining. It just means that the air is full of evaporated water and can’t take anymore in. So, when you sweat, instead of your sweat evaporating from your skin to cool you down. It sticks to you and makes you feel hotter than it really is.

Now, my eczema is almost totally gone now. But, I am now inundated with mold. Gone are the days of setting my washing machine on then going to the movies or leaving the house. As soon as a load is done, I have to dry it. If I forget it in the washer for a few hours. Forget it… I have to wash it again to get the mold and smell off of the clothes.

I even have to watch what I leave wet towels on. I had inadvertently left a towel on a glove for about 5 mins. A day later, the glove had the beginnings of a new civilization on it.

My skin loves me for moving out here. My allergies on the other hand, are telling me I’ve got to work harder.

Amazing Hands

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

You’ve got to see this to believe it.

Musical Crystal Glasses Like Never Before

Tossing salads

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

We had a Chinese New Years celebration today at work. We did a typical Singaporean/Malaysian custom of tossing salad. The salad is traditionally a raw fish salad. And the idea is that everyone mixes all these ingredients in and then together we raise and mix the salad higher and higher as a sign of abundance. Then the idea is that we eat it together.

Being that we are from 38 different countries at work and not very many people really knew what they were “supposed” to do. We basically ended up throwing the salad up way too high and getting it all over the place… <grin>

This was then proceeded by the head of our facility handing out “Hong Bao” which is what they call the little red packets filled with money. I thought this would have been the first year I didn’t get any money since I didn’t know anyone and my family wasn’t here. What a pleasant surprise.

Yusheng or Fish Salad

Yusheng or Fish Salad