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Name cards

Sunday, September 14th, 2008

In Singapore status is quite important. Everything and everyone has to have a title. I find that I get asked for my business card quite often. I’ve been asked by taxi drivers, shop owners, even random people that I strike up conversations with in elevators.

Before my company made me a business card, it was quite embarassing and awkward when people asked me for mine and I would have to explain to them that I didn’t have one yet. Usually people present you with their card first, expecting to get one in return.

Even presenting business cards is done with a certain bit of ceremony. A business card is presented to you facing you and with two hands. And if they are really trying to impress you, they’ll even bow their heads ever so slightly.

Another interesting fact is that they are called name cards here, and not business cards.

Being the rude American that I am, I totally botched this a number of times. Giving cards with one hand, having them face weird angles, and calling them business cards instead of name card.

If you’re coming here for work, make sure you bring a stack of cards. You never know when you’ll get asked for one.

Photograpic Evidence

Sunday, September 14th, 2008

I went to the market to do some grocery shopping and spotted a whole wall of this “imposter” milk. Here’s a pic for your viewing pleasure.

Notice the expiry date and the fact that it is called a milk “Beverage” and not just simply milk.

Only in Singapore

Saturday, September 6th, 2008

Only in Singapore, that’s what I say. I was out at an Irish pub tonight called Dubliners. I saw this scene and had to take a photo.

I’m not sure you can spot it all. But, in this photo is an Asahi cat, a beer bucket for a Mexican beer – Sol, and all the while we are at an Irish Pub.


Singapore… Uniting people through alcohol.

Making iPhone 3G Ringtones

Friday, September 5th, 2008

I stumbled upon this great post on converting your music to a ringtone for your new iPhone 3G. Enjoy.

iPod Touch to iPhone application data transfer.

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

It seems that though the iPhone and iPod touch are very similar, they are considered different pieces of hardware to iTunes. I’ve had my iPod touch for a few months now and have been merrily installing and running apps from the Apple app store. As such, I’ve got a lot of data from those apps on my touch. Such as:

Game Saves
Wallet information
Shopping lists
Custom Conversion tables

I found out the hard way that when you sync an iPhone to iTunes it’ll install all the same apps, but won’t transfer the application data. I called Apple support only to have that fear confirmed.

What I managed to hack together and stumple upon is a loophole, I think. Here are the steps I did to get my application data from my iPod Touch to my new 3G iPhone.

1. Backup iPod Touch on iTunes
2. Setup new iPhone on iTunes on the same computer
3. Make sure all the same apps are installed on the new iPhone that were on the iPod Touch
4. Make a backup of the new iPhone with all the apps
5. Restore iPhone to factory default
6. Restore iPhone with iPod Touch Backup
7. Next time you Sync again, the iPhone will ask you which backup to Restore from, once it realizes that the iPod Touch restore is not correct.
8. Restore from the iPhone backup.

You should now have your iPhone with all the apps and all the application data from your iPod Touch.
There are a few reasons I think this worked for me.
1. The iPhone has all the same functions the iPod Touch has and more.
2. I have a suspicion that when you do a restore from a backup when you already have the Application and it’s data (my iPod Touch backup), It wipes the applications but keeps the data if the backup you’re restoring from has no data to write over it (the fresh iPhone backup from the initial sync).
3. I am installing the same applications.
4. I am installing the same same application versions.
5. I am on the same computer.
6. I am using the same firmware for both the iPod Touch and iPhone.

Obviously, you do this at your own risk. Installing firmware from one device to another is always a very dangerous thing to do.

My setup

Powerbook G4 1.25GHz
iPod Touch 8GB Firmware 2.02
iPhone 3G 16GB Firmware 2.02
iTunes 7.7

iPhone.. at last.

Monday, September 1st, 2008

I did it.

I got myself an iPhone over the weekend. I thought I wasn’t going to. But, the big PC/IT show was here this weekend and Singtel had a killer promotion on data plans. I got it for around S$100 a month. With that plan comes with 50GB of data per month (basically unlimited). 200 outgoing mins a month even to US or 15 different countries. Unlimited incoming minutes and 500 SMS messages a month.

That’s killer.

The best part of the deal. The phone is officially unlocked so I can pop in a SIM card from anywhere and use it.