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Tech Support Cheat Sheet.

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

This is what I do, when a friend/family member asks me to help them. Seriously.

Tech Support Cheat Sheet

This is from an XKCD post.

Fancy Fast Food

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

This guy is a genius. He takes fast food, breaks it down to it’s bare elements and then reconstructs it. Seems like a ton of fun! I’m not sure how the results would taste, but it sure looks fun.

The Feedbag makes Chicken McConfit with from The Feedbag on Vimeo.

Wait a while.

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

I hear this phrase quite a bit and have no idea what to make of it.

“Please, wait a while.”

When ever you’re in a situation that necessitates you to wait any amount of time at all, Singaporeans use that phrase. The most recent occurance of this happened last week at the doctors office.

I had just seen the doctor and was at the reception desk. I still needed to get a MC (Medical Certificate). I signed the forms that I needed, then asked the receptionist about the note.

“Please, wait a while.”

What does that mean? I was standing at the reception desk, if it was going to be a while, should I take a seat? If it was only going to take a few seconds, wouldn’t she have said, “Please, wait a second.” or “Please, wait a moment”

If it was going to take a while truly, she wasn’t going to have me wait and block the reception desk right?

In the end, I waited about 2-3 minutes at the desk. More than the standard amount of time that would have prompted “Please, have a seat.”

I’m still confused. How long is a while?