Singapore is humid and….. hot?

Only tourists wear shorts. It’s weird… I know. Locals only wear shorts when they are exercising or going for a swim or it’s a really hot day. But, for the most part, people wear jeans and slacks. You can spot a tourist on a train because they’ll be wearing shorts and sweat will be streaming down their face and clothes.

Well.. it’s been about 2 and a half months now that I’ve been out here. And I’ve really become acclimated to the weather here. I noticed it first about two weeks after I arrived. It didn’t feel as hot anymore when I was walking around. The first week I was here, I thought people were crazy wearing sweaters while waiting for the train. Here I was, wearing shorts and sweating buckets while waiting for the train. Now after two months, I’m the guy wearing a sweater at the train station. I had no idea that your body could adjust this much.

I was really apprehensive before moving out here. I generally hate hot weather and humidity. But now… I see how a body can acclimatize to a locale.  80-85 here feels like 70-75 in LA or 60-65 in SF. Weird…

It’s still super humid though… That’s another battle altogether.

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