Mold update.

Here’s an update kiddies.

I talked to my landlord and they’ve agreed to pay half of the cost to de-moldify my abode. The cost to perform this service you ask? S$850. Pretty friggin high. But, it’ll be totally worth it.

What they will do is wipe down each and every individual item in the house with a disinfectant. They will pick up every book, pen, paper, remote control, cable, everything and wipe it down.  After that, they steam clean all the upholstery and furniture with the same solution. Then they will seal the house up and bomb it with another disinfectant fog. Then, they let it dry and bomb it one last time with an anti-microbial mist that is supposed to bond with every surface it comes in contact with and  prevent mold from growing on it again.

I’ll finally be able to sleep at night, knowing that I’m not going to be having fungus growing in my lungs and sinuses.

So, I took some photos of the extent of the damage at my home. Here they are for you to peruse.

Mold in Closet Mold on Jacket

If you click on the thumbnails you’ll see the new green shag carpet that is now the back of my closet and the lining of my jacket.

I took these photos around my office and showed people what I was living with. And as I suspected, this is by no means normal. Everyone has had mold before, but most people see just a tiny spot or two the size of your pinkie nail. What I have is the beginnings of the shire from Lord of the Rings. Generally, most people were disgusted. But, one other artist says he has the same problem just as bad…. AND HE THOUGHT IT WAS NORMAL!!! So, he’s lived with it for months now. He says he takes his shoes out from the closet and wipes off a layer of mold then puts them on and continues with his day. GROSS!!!

Anyhow, they are coming to fix my problem on monday. And I’m off to Vietnam this weekend to rest, relax and finally get some good vietnamese food. Finally, I feel like I might be settling in.

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