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Saturday, November 8th, 2008

Like how Hong Kong and Singapore were colonized by the British and Vietnam by the French, Macau was colonized by the Portugese. Two of the many things they inherited was food and architecture.

I’ve not been to Portugal. But, my portugese co workers tell me these photos could have been taken there (minus the Chinese signage). It’s a weird feeling walking around old European architecture with a thousand Chinese people. I kinda feel like i’m in either Dineyland or vegas. Which is fitting, since Macau has been referred to as the Vegas of Asia.

As for food. Wow.

I didn’t get to try too much food while I was there. But, I did get to try some eggggcelent egg tarts. These belong to a bakery that a few locals swear by. It’s a bit out of the way, but well worth the visit. The crust was warm and flaky like a nice croissant or baklava. (I know I’m missspelling it, apologies) and the filling was a delicious warm custard with just a touch of sweetness to counter the savoryness of the egg flavor.