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The Briefcase Technique

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

This seems genius.

I’ve almost made it.

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

So, I’ve kinds given myself a few criteria to know that I’ve made it in my industry. I’ve never been closer to these goals than now. But, at the same time, I haven’t “really” reached any of those goals.

1. Win an academy award. Nope. Haven’t gotten that yet. But, I’ve worked on an academy award nominated film now.

2. Have a shot that I’ve worked on be on the cover of Cinefex magazine. Nope. I am in the current issue of Cinefex though. ILM took out a multi page ad in the magazine that lists and thanks all it’s employees. Unfortunately, they misspelled my name. Phiil Pham.

3. Work at ILM. Kinda sorta made that. I’m working with them albeit in Singapore.

Let’s see how far I can go next year. 😉

I’m a travelling man.

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

As you undoubtedly have noticed, I’m posting blog posts again. That means that I’ve finished my last project. That also means that I’ll start travelling again.

As I write this post, I’m travelling down a freeway in Hanoi, Vietnam. I’ll be spending a long weekend here going to Haolong Bay with some friends from the US: Bobby, Richard and Cindy.

Next weekend I’ll be in Hong Kong. I’ll be there to do some shopping and to take in the sights. I’ll follow that up with a road trip in Thailand, a beach excursion in Bali, a mountain trek in Sapa and a visit back home to see my family during the Christmas holidays.

It’s hard work in Singapore. But, it’s these few months of rest and relaxation that follow that make it all worth it.

Here’s a pic of my dinner tonight. It’s called Banh Cuon. Which translates to wrapped cake. I got it from a street vendor for .85c.

Caffine headaches

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

So, as all of you have undoubtedly noticed, I haven’t posted anything in a long while now. I’ve been in crunch mode at work for a little over a month now.

We’re nearing the end of a project and I’ve been putting in a massive amount of hours. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 70-85 hours a week. Quite bad, but I’ve seen much worse.

I’ve been falling behind in my sleep and to make up for it, I’ve been drinking coffee. I normally don’t drink the stuff, but I need to stay awake at work. My daily intake went from zero to four cups a day.

Now, two days ago I experienced my first caffine headache. I always thought people were exaggerating when they said they “NEED” their cup if coffee. I know better now.

I went two days without drinking any because I had a few extra days of sleep. One afternoon I noticed the start of a headache. I took some advil before going to bed that night, expecting it to go away. When I woke up with the headache still, I just thought it was peculiar. After all day of having it still and a few panadols (the Asian version of Tylenol) I realized I had a problem.

Luckily for me Richard was staying with me. Since, he’s a doctor I asked him what the problem might be. After the usual round of questioning, he deduced that it might be a caffine headache.

I pounded a can if coke. Lo and behold, the headche went away after about half an hour.

I’ll have to try and ween myself off of the coffee slowly now.

Siggraph 08

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

This was the first year in many that I have missed out on going to Siggraph. I’ll be attending Siggraph Asia this year. But, it’s not the same. For those of you who are unfamiliar with what it is, let me explain.

SIGGRAPH is short for Special Interest Group GRAPHics. It’s a collection of researchers, scientists and industry professionals who share new techniques, technology , and innovations about the graphics field. What comes out of the annual meeting every year is what usually shows up in Hollywood movies two years from then.

Here’s two quick videos of stuff that’s happening there.

Using Photographs to Enhance Videos of a Static Scene from pro on Vimeo.

Digital Grunt

Monday, August 4th, 2008

This is a video that more or less describes the life of a Digital Artist doing visual effects in the film and television industry. Thank god we love what we do.

Meteor Studios – Digg This.

Sunday, July 20th, 2008

I just found out that Meteor Studios in Montreal has robbed over 100 VFX artists of months of backpay. They all worked on Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D for the now-defunct Meteor Studio. This happened to me in the past as well, when I worked for a company in Los Angeles. My sister helped a group of us sue the company and successfully get our back pay.

Help get the word out about Meteor Studios and Digg this page.

Find out more here. 

Talking goats

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

This is some of the technology that I helped develop. Pretty cool to see it outside of theme parks.

Jams? Don’t make me laugh..

Monday, May 26th, 2008

I love my commute to work. It takes me about 5-8mins with door to door service with a taxi. It’s hilarious when the taxi drivers complain about a queue of cars waiting at a turn signal. The see a line of cars that will extend my commute about 2-3 mins and go ballistic. They try to bypass traffic in the side lines and merge in at the last minute, to shorten the trip by 30 seconds.

I can only imagine how they would flip when confronted with my daily commute in LA. On a good day, it took me 35mins. On a really backed up day, it could have taken me 90 mins. On average it took me 45 mins. 45 mins here would take you around the whole entire country.

My neighbor in my apartment building used to commute 45mins a day in each direction. So decided to rent a second apartment just to be closer to work. So now she has a home she owns in the central portion of the island. And an apartment she lives in on the weekdays to save her commute time.

I laugh at traffic jams.

I’m in trouble now.

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

A bar/pub has just opened up on the first floor of my office building. They serve great food and more importantly…. drinks. Happy hour is all day long. I would classify them as a cross between Houston’s and Friday’s. It has a Houston’s type of feel and decor. But, a more modest menu like Friday’s; filled with burgers, nachos, fish and chips, grilled salmon, steaks and the like. Now I have no reason to leave my office and go home. I’m in serious trouble.